Passover Dinner at your home

Friday April 19th & Saturday April 20th

 Orders MUST be placed by Friday April 12th                         

 Delivery Available $35.00 

(These Products are Not Kosher)

Dinner Package Available for 12 people

Includes * Seder Plate

Choice of *Sour Tray OR 2 Lbs. Chopped Liver

Choice of:*12 Pieces Gefilte Fish OR 18 pieces Stuffed Cabbage

Includes*16 Matzo Balls and 5 Quarts Chicken Soup

Main Course: Choice of: *5 Lbs. Brisket w/ Gravy

OR * 6 Roast or BBQ Chickens (Cut up)

OR *20 Lbs. Roast Turkey (Carved in Pan) (Gravy on side)

OR *12 Stuffed Chicken Breasts ( w/ Farfel & Mushrooms)

OR For $100.00 additional Whole prime Rib of Beef (15lb.)

OR For $20.00 additional Combo Chicken and Brisket

Choice of 3 Side Dishes (1/2 pan each)

Red Roasted Potatoes      Carrot Tzimmes          Potato Pancakes

Sweet Matzo Pudding       Steamed Vegetables  String Beans 

Spring Salad                        Mashed Potatoes       Broccoli Matzo Souffl                    

Tossed Salad               Roasted Butternut Squash 

Grilled Vegetables w/ Balsamic Glaze (Cold)       Sweet Potato Soufflé

For 12 People $369.00+ Tax

Each additional person $29.00 per person


Items Sold Separately

Quart of Chicken Soup w/ 3 Matzo Balls $9.00 Qt________________

Gefilte Fish $5.00 piece______________________________________ 

Chopped Liver $10.00 Lb.____________________________________ 

Stuffed Cabbage (6 Mini per Lb.) $13.00 Lb______________________ 

Potato Kugel $35.00 ½ pan____________________________________ 

Carrot Tzimmes $40.00 ½ pan_________________________________ 

Potato Pancakes $12.00 Dozen_________________________________ 

Steamed Vegetables $35.00 ½ pan______________________________ 

Whole Barbecued or Roast Chicken (4 Lb. Raw Wt.) $17.00 each_________ 

Stuffed Chicken Breast $11.00 each_____________________________ 

Brisket Of Beef $24.00 Lb.____________________________________ 

Whole Turkey (14-22 Lbs. raw wt) $5.50 Lb.________________________ 

Sweet Matzo Pudding $40.00 ½ pan_____________________________ 

Mashed Potatoes $35.00 ½ pan_________________________________ 

Broccoli Matzo Soufflé $40.00 ½ pan____________________________ 

Red Roasted Potatoes $35.00 ½ pan______________________________ 

Seder Plate $10.00 each________________________________________ 

Fresh Fruit Platter (Small 10 People) 14” $40.00____________________ 

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Bananas 14” $35.00______________